OBJECTIVE - Deliver a high speed broadband service for the whole of the Rural Bute at a cost similar to                                     BT's current charges, in the minimum timescale.

Standing Room only at  the inaugural meeting in Kingarth Hotel

Bute Community Broadband Group Officers 2016  

Chairman : - Tom Cromack

Kilchattan Bay Representatives:- Douglas McDonald and David Leitch

Kingarth/Wee Bay :- Robert McGowan

Hinterland South:- Brian Hill  North:- Jean Kennedy

Technical support: Malcolm Brew and Ed Tilsett

The Group needs the support of all who use, or would like to use broadband in Rural Bute. If you are not a  member please contact a Committee member for more information and to keep updated on progress.



As many of you probably know I have sold my house and will be leaving Kilchattan Bay shortly. Now is an opportune moment to close down Bute Rural Community Broadband Group.

As far as I am aware everybody within the 1.5km limit that requires connection to the fibre network has been connected (I have not had any contact about any outstanding connections in the last month).

With regard to the connection of north end of village to cabinet 2 BT's latest update in late April said :-

This is not a straight forward activity, and actually requires full service provider involvement – which we are currently planning.

 Openreach have a provisional plan in place to commence migration from mid-summer 2017, which is being finalised. Once confirmed and then action commenced it can take up to 8 weeks to complete, as part of the  process is driven via Service providers directly. Customers should be notified via their service provider;  who will outline/confirm any change expected to your service and any options to your existing broadband plan that are available. – ie speed or package amendment etc. Each customer will be different and revised tariffs and costs may be applicable dependant on the current plan being paid for.  

For complete clarity,  once the migration is concluded – whilst service will be provided from Cabinet 2 -  customers will need to agree with their service provider that they are happy to move to the higher speeds, which in some cases may not be automatic. We will re-brief nearer the time and seek local support to help awareness.  

Hopefully this will start to happen soon!.

As agreed at the last AGM that the Group bank account should be closed down and the residue of BRCBG funds should be transferred to Kyles Community Broadband Group to help that Group in its desire to bring a decent broadband service to those on Bute who are without.


Kyles Community Broadband Group is currently assessing tenders for the installation of a broadband system to connect as many as possible of the white postcodes. To keep updated on progress see  http://kcb.scot/

I have resigned as a Director of the Group. There will be a vacancy on the Group to represent Bute. For those currently without fibre broadband I urge one of you to become involved. Bute needs representation otherwise you will have to take what you are given. I have had to fight Bute's corner many times in the formulation of proposals and there is a continuing need as a supplier is selected and installation starts.

Thanks for all your help, I hope those that currently have fibre broadband hope the fight to get it has been worthwhile. I hope those that do not have a fibre service will soon get one.

All the best.

Tom Cromack   

Chairman Bute Rural Community Broadband Group


After a number of setbacks the Group now has a list of white postcodes which it can positively  plan to service with support from Community Broadband Scotland. Of these eight are on Bute, while we would have preferred more, they allow us to go forward with a viable project. For those that are not in white postcodes,there will be some spread of coverage into adjoining postcodes and a second phase to cover the remainder of the area will follow.

For the latest information on the project go to  http://kcb.scot

This website will be regularly updated with the latest news on the project


For more information e-mail t.cromack@kilchattan-bay.co.uk

For more information contact  Tom Cromack Email - tomcromack@kilchattan-bay.co.uk; Tel 01700 831302